Bravo Zulu: Middle East Drone Detection and Mitigation Delivery

Four new sets of Bravo Zulu DroneRifles with Power Packs have been delivered to a customer in the Middle East. The customer was thrilled with the acquisition as the Bravo Zulu product was mitigating drones at a reported distance of 10km, five times the customer’s current capability with a competitor’s product.

The more that Bravo Zulu delivers to the marketplace, the more customers realize that the product is superior and worth the price of providing the long-range security they require.

Bravo Zulu has another quote issued for a potential Middle East customer, this one in partnership with a counter-drone system competitor. Our competitor realized that its system would not meet the customer’s specs for long-range mitigation. Bravo Zulu wants the reputation of putting the safety and security of the customer first; to that end, Bravo Zulu provided the competitor with the appropriate quote information.