Proven Business Model with History

With revenue streams from BravoZulu Drone Defence, InDro Robotics, and Stratocom Solutions all under Indrotek, the parent company benefits from technology and revenue streams that span the key sectors of drone defence, delivery by drone, and airborne data collection utilizing the key technologies of: 5G networks, artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, and advanced sensors.


History of revenues. Steady revenue growth.

Leaders in Business

Seeing ahead of innovations and regulations, revolutionizing systems, and products. Pioneers in technology development. Turning opportunities into near future realization.


Notable partners with government, academia, aviation, aerospace, government institutions and customers. Strategic Partner with Think Equity.

Products and Services

Relevant practical applications usable in worldwide use in a large variety of sectors. Global award-winning technology products. IP and patented.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Responsible environment, social and governance mandates with direct climate change (carbon reduction) and community initiatives internally and for our customers.


Application of Technology to Real World Problems.

Delivering Tomorrow’sInnovations Today.