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“Weaponization of commercial drones is a global threat.”

September 2, 2022

That is the headline of an article written by Paul Joyal of National Strategies Inc., a Bravo Zulu partner in business, opening doors and introducing business relationships in the U.S. and overseas for Bravo Zulu’s drone detection and mitigation systems.

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Drone Detection & Mitigation Demo in Europe

September 1, 2022

Bravo Zulu is pleased to participate in a demonstration of its Drone Detection & Mitigation equipment in Europe. 

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Bravo Zulu Attending the ISE in London in Sept. 2022

August 1, 2022

Bravo Zulu will be attending, for the second time, the International Security Expo (ISE) in London on September 27-28, 2022.

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Police drone collision raises questions

February 6, 2023

There’s no question that drones have become an essential tool for First Responders.

They’re used to assess fires, document accidents, search for missing people and even get a sense of damage following a natural disaster like a tornado.

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InDro Robotics, Area X.O team up to provide high-level drone, robot training

February 3, 2023

InDro Robotics and Area X.O – the R&D complex for next-gen smart mobility, autonomy and connectivity founded and operated by Invest Ottawa with an emphasis on real-world robotics and IoT device testing – have joined forces to build and operate a new test centre at Area X.O’s private facility.

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InDro Backpack makes smart dog robots smarter

January 30, 2023

Want to make a smart dog smarter?

(And by “dog,” we’re referring here to quadruped robots – whose form factor and locomotion make them look like dogs.)

InDro has developed a solution for that.

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Stratocom formalizes a strategic relationship with U.S. based AeroMeter

October 12, 2022

Stratocom has successfully executed a referral agreement with AeroMeter Technology, an airborne meter reading competitor in the United States.  The agreement means that AeroMeter will immediately start to direct all future utility meter reading opportunities to Stratocom.

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10 years of Aerial Meter Reading

September 15, 2021

Today we marked the 10th anniversary of Stratocom. Stratocom pioneers in Aerial Meter Reading for all utilities.

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Save Money While Saving The Environment

March 2021 

Simple strategies for reducing your carbon footprint Unsurprisingly, according to scientists, the central culprit is excessive carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is an issue that impacts everyone, everywhere.

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