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“Weaponization of commercial drones is a global threat.”

September 2, 2022

That is the headline of an article written by Paul Joyal of National Strategies Inc., a Bravo Zulu partner in business, opening doors and introducing business relationships in the U.S. and overseas for Bravo Zulu’s drone detection and mitigation systems.

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Drone Detection & Mitigation Demo in Europe

September 1, 2022

Bravo Zulu is pleased to participate in a demonstration of its Drone Detection & Mitigation equipment in Europe. 

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Bravo Zulu Attending the ISE in London in Sept. 2022

August 1, 2022

Bravo Zulu will be attending, for the second time, the International Security Expo (ISE) in London on September 27-28, 2022.

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Halloween transformation: From Unitree GO1 to Pokémon character Jolteon

November 2, 2022

What could possibly be better than dressing up for Halloween?

For Dave Niewinski, the answer was clear: Dress up a robot for Halloween. Specifically, transform a quadruped robot into a Pokémon character.

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InDro Robotics and T-Mobile: A 5G match

November 1, 2022

InDro Robotics was recently invited to attend an analyst’s summit in Bellevue, Washington State, put on by T-Mobile for Business. We were demonstrating remote operations of our Sentinel inspection robot, with Command & Control taking place over the 5G network. We were at the summit; the robot was in Ottawa.

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Spexi announces “Spexigon” – a global fly-to-earn platform

October 23, 2022

Vancouver-based Spexi Geospatial has some news – and it’s big.

The company has announced a plan, and a platform, to capture high-resolution aerial data of the earth with drones. Drone pilots will be able to fly to earn crypto currency – or even dollars.

We’ll get into more details shortly, but Spexi’s plan has some strong backers – including InDro Robotics.

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Do you know we can read water meters?

August 2021

Allow us the opportunity to enhance your business operations. “Using an aircraft to collect meter data allows efficiencies which can add up to massive economic and environmental savings” says Rick Unrau, President of Stratocom.

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Statistically Speaking, Flying is Far Safer Than Driving

May 2021

Stratocom Solutions reads your meters with our fleet of airplanes equipped with the technology necessary for accurate and fast data collection. We pioneered airborne data collection.

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Save Money While Saving The Environment

March 2021 

Simple strategies for reducing your carbon footprint Unsurprisingly, according to scientists, the central culprit is excessive carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is an issue that impacts everyone, everywhere.

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