INDROTEK is on the cutting-edge integration and commercialization of Artificial Intelligence (AI), drone, and robotic technologies where they intersect with established industries for efficiency and safety, as well as the opening of new verticals in data capture, cargo transportation, security and beyond.

Growth & Future

  • It’s about being ahead of the game and delivering revenue
  • Providing our shareholders the best return on their investment

INDROTEK currently has three divisions, Bravo Zulu Drone Defence, InDro Robotics, and Stratocom Solutions; all of which are the leaders in their respective fields.

INDROTEK seeks to continue its international M&A business and technical expansion to enhance its value and more effectively scale its divisions and new acquisitions.


Our Corporate Vision is to provide a full array of data services across all countries and continents to improve data collection and management efficiencies.


Our Corporate Mission is to create recurring revenue and growth within our subsidiaries and our targeted acquisitions with effective funding, thought leadership and operational expertise.


INDROTEK products are award winning and have surpassed its competition in developing aerial robotic technology for an economically robust and sustainable future.